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LOFT is a vocational training project supported by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union implemented by 5 organizations from 4 European countries. LOFT aims to support small-scale local food producers by improving their digitalization processes and building economic capacities through innovative digital tools. LOFT also aims to raise awareness of relevant stakeholders, including local food consumers and local food chain governing bodies.

LOFT Strategy

The project aims to promote local food production and consumption as a way of enhancing food security, sustainability, and quality of life by triggering the digital transformation of small scale local food producers. To achieve this, the project has five strategic goals:

  • To create a database that showcases the potential and benefits of local food production, and fosters trust and cooperation between local producers and consumers;

  • To support the digital transformation of local food producers by developing their digital skills, which are essential for their professional and personal development;

  • To establish sustainable food circle networks that serve as online marketplaces for local food actors, where they can exchange products, services, and information;

  • To develop a digital and flexible vocational training tool that integrates all the previous objectives, and provides relevant and practical knowledge and skills for local food production and consumption;

  • To raise public awareness on the importance of local food production for food safety, labeling, climate change mitigation, and sustainable growth.

The project is funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme, and involves partners from 4 countries: Türkiye, France, Italy, Spain. The project duration is 24 months, starting from September 2023.

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