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LOFT is an innovative agriculture project dedicated to local food traceability and sustainability. 

LOFT, backed by the EU's Erasmus+ program and run by five organizations across France, Spain, Italy and Turkiye, helps small-scale food producers digitize and enhance their economic capabilities through innovative tools. It also educates stakeholders like consumers and local food authorities about these initiatives.

The LOFT project originated from the necessity to enhance the professional development of local food producers, particularly in digitalization and understanding legal frameworks, while also involving stakeholders in awareness-raising endeavors. Consequently, LOFT targets three primary groups: Local Food Producers, consumers of local food, and managing actors within local food chains.

LOFT is building an international network to enhance local food traceability. Our aim is to foster sustainable local food systems by empowering producers digitally, ensuring quality, authenticity, and safety. Our community includes project partners from Turkey, France, Italy, and Spain, local producers, potential producers, and relevant stakeholders. Together, we'll utilize The LOFT App as a digital hub for learning and interaction. 

Do you consider joining the LOFT Community? 

Join us in creating a better food system for everyone.
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